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Racism: Sometimes It's Funny

May 26, 2010

The following is an absolutely true story written without embellishment.
A couple of years ago I went into my usual Amoco gas station for gasoline.  Nothing too special.  I just wanted ten dollars worth of gas.  So I stand in line, ready to pre-pay my ten dollars. 

The Amoco was run by a Middle Eastern family.  I had seen the same guys behind the regsiter for years.  In front of me was a black homeless guy.  He kind of smelled bad, and was kind of (read:very) drunk.  He was complaining to one of the two guys behind the counter that none of the drinks had a price on them.  The first guy kind of laughed, and said "Well, we put the prices on the end of the display case, because we can't put a tag on every single drink. 

Looking back on it, I think the second guy behind the register knew the homeless black guy.  Namely, he was looking at him with venom in his eyes.  The black guy said something to the 2nd Arab guy.  I didn't catch what it was.  It was something like, "You think something, something, something."  It was a smart ass comment but then the following exchange happened.

Arab guy #1 = AG#1.  Arab Guy #2 = AG#2.  Homeless Black Guy = HBG

HBG.  You think.....

AG#2  FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER! (Note:  Said in a very heavy middle eastern accent.)

HBG  Fuck me?  Fuck you.

AG#2  Fuck you!  Get out of here!  Go back to Africa!

HBG  Me?  You go back to Africa!

(Note:  It then proceeded to become a shouting contest on everyone telling everyone else to go back to Africa.)

AG#1  (He has to hold AG#2 back from jumping over the counter and attacking HBG.)

So then HBG finally leaves after a lot of yelling, and insulting.  I go to the counter, and say.  "I'm just here to get ten dollars worth of gas."  I hand him the money, and walk out.

I knew from that moment on I had wittnessed something so special, so unique, that no one would ever believe that this really happened to me.  But you have to admit, watching an Arab guy and a black guy yell for each other to go back to Africa is pretty fucking hilarious.

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