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On the Road Again?

Mar 16, 2010

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So I might have a job driving stuff across the country with Swift Transporation.  I won't bore everyone with what I think about going back out on the road.  In fact, I want to get everyone else's opinion about what to do on the road. 

What should I buy for gifts?  Last time I was in Bluewater, New Mexico I bought three Indian blankets.  It wasn't enough.  If I go back through there again, I will buy ten more.  Everyone wants Indian blankets.  I got my Mom jewerly, but she wanted an Indian blanket.  Here's the funny thing.  They weren't made by American Indians.  They were made by Mexican Indians. 

But the people who read my blog are from all over the country.  What should I look for?  In other words, what region of the US are you (my readers) familar with?  What should I look for in certain regions?  It could be food, gifts, attractions, photo opporunties, or other stuff.

Another thought... Where can I find the best dead animal heads on the cheap?  I've been looking for a mountain goat mount.  I'm always on the look for odd musicial instruments.  What and where should I look for them?  I always encounter art.  What art, not just paintings, should I look for? 

I've already got everyone's addresses to send postcards.  But do you want to hear about?  Dead animals?  Bad drivers?  Good and bad food?  Weather?  Truck related things?  Funny stories?  Me sticking it to the man?  The strange creatures that I encounter at truck stops?  It's your call.

Just remember, this is totally open.  Anything you can think of let me know.  Especially if it's something that I have not thought of.

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