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No Sugar Tonight

Oct 10, 2010

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It’s strange to think about it, but it has been six months since I gave up foods and drinks that contain raw sugar or high fructose corn syrup.  It was a strange beginning.  I knew I wasn’t feeling right, and something had to be done.  After I went the first 48 hours without sugar I felt instantly better.  It was like someone had turned an on switch on my brain and body. 
I had only been off sugar when I went to West Virginia for vacation.  It was a trial by fire.  There were more pies there than I had ever seen since, well the last time I went to West Virginia.  I felt like an addict with tons of cocaine and alcohol around me.  However, I stuck to my guns and made it through vacation without eating any sugar.
It is now six months later, and I am still doing great.  I only had some sugar when I was working outside, and my sugar dropped.  I actually felt better once I had some sugar.  I have had many tests and trials, but I am still holding strong.  I am thankful for Coke Zero and Splenda.  It has kept me sane.  I said it before, and I will say it again, but Splenda is the methadone of the sugar addict.
I have slowly been dropping weight.  For the first eight weeks I lost one pound a week.  I am now only two pounds over the weight I was in high school.  I am also sleeping much more regular hours, and I am not sleeping near as much as I used to.  My attitude and reasoning are much better.  I am able to think out things before I get angry.  When I do get angry I realize it, and can control it.  Also, my blood pressure was always good, but it’s even better now.  My last physical showed my blood pressure at 110 over 70. 

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again.  Jack Lalane was right.  He said decades ago not to drink any sort of sodas.  They were nothing but sugar water, and empty calories.  They would make you feel sick and lazy, and they just weren’t worth it.  How right he was, and how right he is. 
I will keep up my fight against sugar.  I will keep trying to eat healthy, and lose weight.  I’m at the point where I am losing one pound per month.  I’m okay with that since it’s said that if you lose weight slowly you tend to keep it off.  Once I am on the road truck driving I tend to eat a lot less.  It’s the nature of the job.  Due to eating less I lose weight on the road.  So hopefully little by little I can improve my health. 

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