Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mo' Mow

Apr 27, 2010

So I finally got around to mowing the lawn.  It's been almost seven months since I last mowed the lawn.  No, I'm not lazy.  Well, maybe a little bit.  But, a lot of weird stuff has happened.  Listen to my story.

As winter approached I slowed down on mowing the lawn.  We had a problem with bugs eating up the grass, so I had a couple of reasons for taking it easy on the lawn.  If I mowed it too much it would just end up killing the entire lawn.  Then the cold spell started.  It was one cold front after another.  And then when it couldn't get any worse..... it did!!!!!

We had a series of freezes this past winter, and it killed all the grass blades.  Luckily, it didn't kill the roots.  But, at this point there was nothing for me to mow.  I had a lawn full of roots.  Then, the weeds started coming up.  But, then another cold front came, and killed all the weeds. 

So it finally warmed up at the beginning of April, and the grass started growing again.  Dad ran the air-ator around the lawn, and I spread fertilizer on it.  Then we had some great rains, and the grass really took off.

So today I finally mowed the lawn.  It felt great.  It was a beautiful day, and the wind was blowing.  It must have been a nice day at the beach.  If I wasn't mowing, I would have been really happy at the beach.  I guess the only drawback during mowing was the oak pollen, and the yearly catapillers that hang around this time of year.

I guess it's a good thing that I love mowing so much.  I'll get to do it next week.  And the week after that.  And the week after that.  And so on.

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