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Mid-Life Crisis

Jun 6, 2010

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If you read a few blogs back you will notice I have posted about my dreams.  A couple of times I have dreamed of riding a motorcycle, and how much fun it was in my dreams.  Well, me and my girlfriend Roxy (not her real name) were going to thrift stores, pawn shops, and other flea market-like places one day.  Right next to one pawn shop there was a motorsports/ scooter dealership.  Roxy pointed out a lone motorcycle sitting outside the store in the display area.
I looked at it, and recognized it.  It was the motorcycle from my dream.  It was black with a red stripe.  I talked to the salesman, and he said that it was a consigned piece from a guy who didn’t need it anymore.  It was a Vento V-Thunder, a brand I had never heard of.  After doing some research, it seems they have Chinese parts, and are assembled in Laredo, Texas.  The guy was asking for $1200 for it.  I didn’t buy it, but it started me thinking.
I talked to a friend who knew a little something about motorcycles.  He told me to get a Honda.  There are plenty on the market, and the parts are plentiful.  The Vento’s don’t have parts available in America.  The parts have to be shipped in.  So I went and talked to the Honda dealer on Florida Avenue.  He showed me some really nice Honda Shadow Spirit Aero motorcycles.  He gave me some great information on taking motorcycle riding classes, and other information. 
I know a few people will tell me, “Get a Harley!”  Well, I have dealt with Harley Davidson, and I will never deal with them, and will never ride one of their bikes.  If I am going to spend that amount of money on a bike I would get a Big Dog or an O.C.C. bike.  I won’t go into why I won’t spend money at Harley Davidson, but I will say they did me wrong, and I won’t give them a penny.
So, if this is my midlife crisis I am ok with it.  My Dad can’t stand the thought of my riding a motorcycle, but it’s not like I can get one anytime soon anyway.  But, I can at least get my license and dream, right?

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