Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maury and the Cottonball Man

Aug 7, 2009

My not so secret confession is that I love watching Maury.  That's right Maury Povich has the greatest daytime show on TV at this time.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos, but Maury just takes the cake.

Let's be honest, Maury is all about the Baby-Daddy.  He had a below average show, until he did a show with paternity tests.  That was the day the show changed.  The drama, the excitment, the finding out who is lying.  There was one woman who was a million percent sure that this guy was the Baby-Daddy.  Turns out, he was NOT the father.  Amazing.

However I just saw a show that took the cake.  The strange thing was it was not about paternity tests.  It was about people who have irrational fears.  This one lady had an extreme fear of cotton.  Anything cotton.  They showed cottonballs on the big screen behind her, and she flipped.  Maury then said she had to confront her fears, and then the greatest thing happened.  Instead of bringing a cotton bush out, instead of bringing cottonballs out, they brought out the creepist thing.  A man in a cottonball suit came out.  That's right.  A man in a cottonball suit came out.  Head to toe cottonballs.  The audience yelled and screamed.  I started laughing and screaming at the TV.  He came out moving around like he was Frankenstein. 

The lady freaked out, and took off running backstage.  Then it got even weirder.  There were Maury assistants with giant tubs of cottonballs just standing around backstage.  It was totally ridiculous.

I thought it was going to be a boring show.  I wasn't even paying that much attention.  I mean, if the show isn't about the Baby-Daddy, I generally don't care.  However, this was so over the top I just about died laughing. 

Now, I just want to go around, dressed as a cottonball man scaring people.  I can't wait to go, "AAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!" to random people dressed as the cottonball man.  I mean, the head of the cottonball man was like a football helmet made of cotton.  It was huge.  Now I want a helmet made of cottonballs. 

Ah Maury, you just know what makes a great TV show.

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