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Jan 5. 2010

I'm not a huge Metallica fan, but I do have most of there stuff.  I have seen them in concert twice, and think they are a great band.  I've read countless articles about them, and have watched the documentary, "Some Kind of Monster" a few times.

One thing that keeps popping up in articles is that most people agree that Metallica's best album is "Master of Puppets."  Now, I have the album, and have had it for over a decade.  However, I have never listened to it all the way through.  I have heard all the songs off of it.  But I have never listened to the whole album in one sitting. 

So I decided to correct that.  I had to drive really far one day, and I put "Master of Puppets" into my car's CD player.  I now see what people have been saying.  Every song on it is top notch quality.  Even though there are only eight songs on it, it is an amazing album. 

I also see what Metallica says, when they say that everyone has ripped off their sound from that album.  It's true.  I believe Lars Ulrich's quote was, "Yeah, they sound good, but we did that 20 years ago."  Every modern metal band trys to get that mid-scooped, very compressed sound. 

So next week I think I am going to listen to "Ride the Lightning" all the way through.  Then the week after that I will try, "... And Justice For All."

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