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Juicy Daytime Lineup

Sept 18, 2009

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So the new daytime TV lineup started this past Monday, and boy am I in heaven.  At 2 PM, The Steve Wilkos Show comes on.  I don't always agree with Steve, but he is entertaining.  I find him to be a cleaner cut version of Morton Downey, Jr.  Mort had a great show that was way ahead of his time.  I hated to hear that he died.  Anyway, back to Steve.  He is a little too black and white without shades of grey in his opinions.  But he does seem to have that 6th sense that a lot of good police officers do. 

Next up in his 19th season is The Jerry Springer Show.  Jerry truly is the Ringmaster.  His 3 PM time slot is perfect after Steve.  Lately Jerry has really stepped up in calling people out.  He has really come out with real common sense, especially regarding relationships.  It's funny listening to Jerry try to talk common sense with rednecks, hillbillies, transexuals, hoodrats, baby mamas, and common white trash. 

At 4 PM comes the Maury Show starring Maury Povich.  His show was below average until he discovered affordable DNA testing.  Who knew there were so many sluts not using protection out there?  No wonder the cases of AID-HIV are still going up.  His show really shot up when there was one woman who kept bringing guys in to test if they were her baby's daddy.  By last count she was up to 18 men.  You had to watch the show just to see if she was coming on.  Namely because she would bring three men at a time. 

It's also funny how many men's mothers want them to get their babies tested.  It's because the mother hates the wife/girlfriend so much that they lie, and say the wife/girlfriend has been sleeping around, is a whore, etc.  What's funny is, everytime I have seen that happen, the guy is the father.  The woman didn't cheat, and the Mom lied about her being a whore, etc.

Now that I think about it, with this lineup, will I ever get any work done?

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