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Hunting Season

Nov 14, 2009

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Well, I'm watching the Versus channel, and an Alaskan hunting program is on.  I guess I am trying to pysche myself up for hunting season which is 2 days away.  It's funny, it's been a year since I hunted, and I'm trying to remember what to take, what to do, and how I should be getting ready.

They call it hunting but I call it sleeping in a tree stand.  I guess that's why it's been 19 years since I got a hog, and 14 years since I got a deer.  I haven't even since a buck since the last one I got.  Now granted, I haven't been able to go every season, and I've only been able to hunt short periods of time when I have.  Still, I feel like I am really sucking at this hunting thing. 

Hunting used to be simple.  All's I needed was a license, gun, ammo, orange vest, and some mud boots.  Now I carry so much stuff just for safety.  If I do get lost in the woods, I will be in good shape.  Hunting down South is so much different from up North.  In rural areas up North you can go hunt on your or your family's property.  You can hunt the whole season.  If you get something you can drive your four-wheeler over to pick it up.  Also the trees lose their leaves so you can see further away.  Down here in Florida, you are in a good spot if you can see 100 yards. 

Unfortunately, I am only able to hunt 3 days during the Quota Hunt this year.  I am worried that with only 3 days to hunt my hunting companions will try to cram as much hunting in as possible.  In other words, I am worried that it will be more like work than vacation.

To prove to everyone just how ridiculous this hunting thing can get, I have decided to take my video camera to document the stupidity.  I would like the anti-hunting groups such as PETA to watch it just so they can understand how little we take, and how little we get accomplished.  The only thing we successfully manage to track down is the buffet at the Chinese Resturant.

There is one thing that bothers me.  The deer population has been contastly growing the last 40 years.  However, we have been losing hunters.  Out hunting we are only allowed to shoot bucks (male deer.)  Although, does outnumber bucks (officially) 10-1, but I believe it has to be closer to 30-1.  In some places where the scientists calculate that the deer population is too high, the state will issue limited doe permits.  I personally believe that the state needs to issue more doe permits.  During one Quota Hunt season I saw over 30 deer in 7 days.  Every single one of them was a doe. 

So, I will do my best, but prepare for the worst.  Hopefully things will go ok.  Not too many bugs.  Cool but dry weather.  A little bit of sleep might be nice too.

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