Monday, February 28, 2011

God Speaks to Adrian, Tells Him, "Frog!"

Sept 26, 2010

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I was in the middle of a dream when a voice spoke to me.  In my dream I was talking to someone, and that voice interrupted me.  I even turned around in my dream.  The voice said, “Adrian!” 
I replied, “God?” 
The voice then said, “Adrian!”
I yelled out, “Yes God!  It’s me!  Adrian!”
The voice yelled, “Adrian!  Frog!”
I answered, “Yes God, I will.... what?”
“Adrian!  Frog!”
“Yes God!  What kind of frog do you want?”  I yelled.  However, at that moment I woke up.  It was then that I saw my Dad at my door.
He said to me, “Adrian!  Frog!”
I was like, “What do you mean frog?” 
Dad said to me, “Your frog.  It’s loose.”

I then get up in my underwear as it was 5 AM.. in the morning.  I didn’t even put my glasses on.  I went out to where the frog was, and looked.  It wasn’t my frog.  It was a Cuban tree frog.  It was definitely not my frog.  So I pick it up, throw it outside, and go back to bed. 
So remember, when waking people up try to use clarity in your sentences.  Yelling “frog” at sleeping people is not helpful. 

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