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Evil Woman Logic

Jul 5, 2010

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So I was talking with my girlfriend Roxy (not her real name) when she played an evil female mind trick on me.  It started innocently enough.  She asked me, “Where would you like to go on a honeymoon at?”  I told her that I thought we should buy the seven day passes to attend all the Disney Parks, and go for a week.  Since we would be in Orlando, we could drive and carry our things with us.  If we went someplace else we would have to buy plane tickets, rent a car, pay for expensive hotels, and have a lot of costs.  Due to the amount of cost we wouldn’t be able to stay that long. 

However, if we went to Orlando we could stay longer due to the lower costs.  No plane tickets, no renting a vehicle, we could stay on the edge of Orlando in a nice hotel at a reasonable cost.  Heck, even the Disney hotels aren’t that expensive compared to some. 

The nice thing is that there are six Disney Orlando Parks.

  1. The Magic Kingdom
  2. Epcot
  3. Blizzard Beach
  4. Animal Kingdom
  5. Hollywood Studios
  6. Typhoon Lagoon
So if we have seven days for a honeymoon we could go to one park per day with an extra day to relax, travel, or do whatever we wanted to. 

So I let her know my brilliant thoughts, and then she said the following, “So you have thought of us getting married!!!!!!!”  I of course, was like, “Huh?”  So it seems like she used her evil womanly powers to pry information out of me that she wanted to hear.  I was just trying to be a nice guy.  I wasn’t prepared for her evil woman logic.

This is a warning to all those men out there.  Be careful of women, and their evil woman logic.  It’s like a bear trap, only more painful and humiliating. 

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