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Every Year Howl-O-Scream Gets Dumber

Oct 22, 2010

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Every year during the Halloween season Busch Gardens has a special theme at their park called Howl-O-Scream.  Each year they choose a different theme, and each year the theme gets dumber.  Last year the theme was something about killer fashion.  The commercials had these gay fashion vampires who then turned on everyone, and drank their blood.  Problem was it wasn’t that scary.  It was actually kind of corny, dumb, etc.
This year they outdid themselves.  This year it’s about a chick who’s dressed like a rock chick, but plays princess pop being mad at her ex-boyfriend.  Yeah, she gets him back stage, and ties him up with guitar strings.  Then it’s left to us to determine what awful things happen.  I of course, think he unwraps the strings, and says, “Ouch, that hurt bitch.”  Then he leaves. 
I’m hoping they can do something better next year.  Unfortunately, I still have to put up with those stupid commercials multiple times a day, everyday, for another nine days. 

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