Saturday, February 26, 2011

Destruction for Fun and Profit

April 4, 2008

So I’m sure some people wonder what I mean by "Destruction for fun and profit."  Well it’s not as cut and dry as some may think.  I build a lot of things, namely musical instruments, but I have made a few Christmas decorations to place on the tree.  I made this neat X-mas ornament of a Christmas tree out of Red Oak one winter.  That was a neat piece. 

But my main point is that, you have to destroy things in order to make them.  Especially when sanding.  I sling stuff all over the neighborhood.  It hangs in the air until the wind takes it down the street.
Right now, and for the last year (I think), I have been working slowly on an electric cello.  So far it is made of maple, mahogany, poplar, black walnut, and black and white ebony.  I am going to be working on the wings soon.  When I do that, I’m going to destroy the hell out of some maple.  Namely due to the tight curves that will have to be cut on it.  So destruction can take place in many forms.  My usual just happens to take place while carving up hardwoods.

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