Saturday, February 26, 2011

Destruction for Fun, and Bastard Files

May 21, 2008

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Ah, the bastard file.  Before the router.  Before electric tools.  If a woodworker wanted to do some serious filing into wood, he used a bastard file.  They are big, heavy, and instead of file lines, they have teeth.  That's right teeth. 

I've just come from the workshop where I made good use of three bastard files.  The wings of the electric cello needed something, so I put soft curves on the corners.  That way, it has a softer, more musicial appearance.  Little by little, my project is coming along.  At first I wasn't sure I should curve over the corners, but once I did one side, I thought that looks 10 times better, so I did all four edges.  Of course there's two sides so it's more like I did all eight edges (between the two.)

I think the next part of the project is to make some templates for routing.  I have the neck joint and electronics cavity to route.  I can't believe that this little project of mine is actually coming together.

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