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The Defeated Season

Nov 8, 2009

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Well, I had this whole blog post written out perfectly in my head.  It was about how bad my Tampa Bay Buccaneers were this year, and how they may go 0-16.  However, that idea has been scrapped as today they actually won a game.  So now what am I supposed to write about?

I don't tend to write about sports since everyone and his brother write about sports, but this was a different situation.  So far this year the Bucs had only been competitive in one game, and had been blown out in the other six.  But the result was the same for all seven games, seven losses. 

The way things had gone so far this year, the Bucs could have realistically lost all their games.  I could go on and on why, but I'll try and keep this positive.  The important thing is the Bucs have won a game, and there are eight games left.  Personally I would like it if they won the next 3 out of 8.  In fact, that would be amazing if they did that. 

The very first Bucs team was so bad that they went 0-14 (in a 14 game schedule.)  The fans started the chant, "Go for 0."  It was so the Bucs could get the first pick in the NFL Draft.  Just as important was that the Bucs would get the first pick in every round in the draft.  Since the Bucs where so bad this year, I was afraid the "Go for 0," would come back.

This one win is great, but it doesn't change a number of facts.  1.  Jim Bates defensive scheme isn't working.  2.  Greg Olsen as Offensive Cordinator is ok, but he needs his own playbook.  Not borrowing from former Coach Gruden's playbook.  3.  The owners need to spend money, and get some free agents in.  Not the crap that they have been calling free agents.  4.  Get a damn kicker.  5.  Get 4 new wide recievers.  6.  Get some more linebackers.  7.  The owners need to keep the few decent players that we have.  8.  We need to draft better and smarter.  We haven't drafted well since Tony Dungy was here.

So I'm glad I got to post a mostly postive post about the Bucs.  I really do want them to succeed.  It's just tough watching them make mistakes that the average fan knows not to make.

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