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Crevasses and Glaciers

Aug 25, 2009

When I watch the TV show Man Vs. Wild I like how the host Bear Grylis pronounces his words.  He is British afterall.  But I always like the episodes where he was in cold weather, and had to be careful of the crevasses and glaciers.  Of course he pronounced them (Crev-ah-sis and Glass-E-ers.)  So I got to thinking about that, and if I ever had a music album of my music, that I said that I would name it "Crevasses and Glaciers."

Which leads me to music.  When I was 18-19 I wrote a lot of songs with my friend Chuck.  We had a punk metal band, and a lot of the things I wrote were hysterical, and hysterically bad.  But they were afterall metal.  However, after me and Chuck went our seperate ways I didn't write songs for years.  Then, I didn't feel the pain that I once felt, so I didn't know what to write. 

A little over 10 years ago I learned to play guitar.  I learned a lot about using chords in modern music.  It took a while for me to learn the inside outs of how modern rock music is put together.  So last year I had some inspiration from a friend.  I was riding the lawnmower, and thinking about something that she had said to me, and how it was very musicial.  Inspiration then hit me, and I wrote out the chorus before I had finished mowing the lawn.  I then had an idea about what the song should be about, and was able to finish it. 

It was the first song I had written in years.  It was also very pop-princessy, something I had definitely never written before.  It was written for a project that never came to light.  I was really sad about that since it had so much potential.  That, and it was so damn catchy.

Then in January of this year, I wrote a song for my now Girlfriend Roxy (not her real name.)  It was about a day we spent together with a little bit of magic thrown in for imagination.  I had this idea of how it should could sound bigger and more magicial.  I got together with Shawn Kyle Beauville of The Beauvilles and we recorded the song.  It went great.  We laid down track after track until the song sounded huge and magicial.  I loved it, Roxy loved it, and even Shawn thought it was pretty good.  Not as good as his stuff, but pretty good. 

My next project came about due to a weird sense of humor, and too much time.  As a joke I put some lyrics to The Black Rebel Motorcyle Club's "Love Burns."  I then left it on Roxy's answering machine.  It was hilariously X rated, and competely wrong in so many ways.  However, it was funny.  But despite the hilarity, I couldn't sing it for anyone but Roxy.  But that lead me to thinking about another song.

If I could write a completely X-rated song, I could write a G-rated song.  So I wrote a sugary sweet country song about Roxy.  It was so sweet and innocent my Grandma loved it when I played it for her.  Roxy really loved this one too, much more than the X-rated one.

So while I was in West Virginia I wrote another country song.  I was kind of on a country kick.  I had a couple of days to mull it over in my brain, and plenty of peace and quiet to get it right.  The song is catchy, but still has my sense of humor. 

I also wrote another song in West Virginia, but I haven't finished it yet.  I want it to sound more like the Gin Blossoms than Lifehouse.  However, a bad bit of writing, and it could unfortunately sound like Lifehouse.  But hey, at least it's a rock song.  Not too heavy, but not too soft.

Then when I was over at Roxy's place last week, inspiration hit.  I wrote a song that was something like the band Cake would do.  A little quirky, rocking, but you can dance to it. 

So here's the count so far:

1.  The pop princessy song
2.  The magical song
3.  The happy (#1) country song
4.  The funny (#2) country song
5.  The unfinshed rock song
6.  The Cake like song.

So right there's 5 1/2 songs.  A little bit of writing and it will be 6.  4 more songs, and that's an album.  And that album is going to be called "Crevasses and Glaciers."  It may take a while, but I think that I'll put it together.

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