Sunday, February 27, 2011

Butterfly Kisses

Mar 3, 2010

I had another great idea.  It's so brillant that I had to share it with everyone.  If a guy puts his nutsack on another person's forehead, that is called teabagging.  But what about the female equivalent?  I had to think on this for a while, but it came to me.  When a female puts her vagina on a person's forehead it should be called a "Butterfly Kiss."  And if performed multiple times they would be called "Butterfly Kisses."

Then I got to thinking even more...  What if a woman were on her period?  Then it came to me.  If a woman gives a butterfly kiss, and leaves blood on a person's forehead it's called, "pollination."  Such as, "Dood!  That chick just gave Dave a butterfly kiss, and not only that, she totally pollinated his forehead!"  "Oh Dood, that's totally weak!"

So hopefully this will catch on around the internet.  Please pass it on.  And girls, if you are at a party, and someone passes out.... Give a butterfly kiss, and take a picture.  Pollinate if it's that time of the year, er month.

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