Monday, February 28, 2011

Burning Bridges

Dec 26, 2010

I was in Nashville at the Star Transportation terminal to have my semi truck get a preventative maintenance service.  You see Star is now owned by Covenant Transport.  While I was there I heard a story that was so over the top that I knew it had to be true.
The driver who was telling this story was quite entertaining.  He started by saying that Star had finally pushed a driver over the edge.  This driver had quit and abandoned a truck.  Now, on a side note remember, if a driver ever abandons a truck no company will ever hire him.  You can get away with a lot, but never, ever, under any circumstances abandon a truck.
So the storyteller and another driver where sent to pick this truck up.  They finally found it, and went to unlock it.  They were then hit with a smell.  It was not just any smell.  It seems that the former driver had urinated and defecated in the truck.  He had done this during the summer months, and the truck had been sitting a week.  It was unbearable to even be near that truck.  He had even gone as far as smearing the feces all over the windows and cab.
The driver who was supposed to pick it up never said what happened to that truck.  I wonder if he called a hazardous materials crew in to clean it?  I wonder if they just totaled it? 

It got me to thinking.  If I was to ever burn my bridges with the trucking industry how would I do it?  Well, I came up with an idea.  You see, as I drive around I see a lot of dead things on the road.  I would drive around, and burn all the diesel out of the truck.  After all the diesel was burned out I would throw a few dead deer carcasses in the back of the cab.  Once you get something dead in a truck, you can never get that smell out.  Not to mention the sheer number of maggots and flies that would be hanging out in the truck.  It makes me think that I have way too much time to think.

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