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Dec 24, 2010

I have never done this, but I wanted to share some song lyrics of a song I recently wrote.  Normally I keep these things private, but I just had to spread the word of the magestic nature of the Buffalo.  There is no music to it yet, just lyrics.  Soon I will come up with something.  I hope you enjoy this song. 

I’ve been across these Western states
From Tulsa to L.A.
Some are much too crowded,
And some are corn and hay

But driving North to San Francisco
There’s something that I know
And that’s California sure could use
A few more Buffalo

(Chorus 1)
Needs Buffalo
Send them forth
And watch them grow

Under summer sun
And winter snow
California needs
More Buffalo

The Buffalo once lived
Across this very land
They numbered in the millions
From plains to desert sand

But the white man came
And killed them for their skin to tan
And nearly wiped the Buffalo
From our very land

I’ve been across Route 66
And there’s one thing I do know
And that’s Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico
Need more Buffalo
(Chorus 2)
The Plains states
Need Buffalo
Send them forth
And it will show

They can be saved
Their herd will grow
The Buffalo

I was in Oklahoma
Talking to a Cherokee
He said his people loved the Buffalo
And there should be more to see

He told me to speak to the people
It’s time for them to know
The North American continent
Needs more Buffalo

(Chorus 3)

A thundering herd
Their hooves be heard

Make sure
Your leaders know
That we need
More Buffalo

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